OPEIU Aviation Local Unions

OPEIU Aviation Local Unions

OPEIU Aviation Local Unions

Who runs the OPEIU aviation local unions?

OPEIU aviation locals are autonomous self-governing local unions run by the pilots. The members elect the officers, establish the local by-laws and vote on all matters of concern to the local union, including the collective bargaining agreements they hold.

What are Union Dues?

The vast portion of your dues stays in your local union and is used to support the representational, research, legal, and administrative needs of the local's members. A small portion of your dues goes to the International Union to provide local unions with additional help in servicing, contract negotiations, research, publications, education, and legislative affairs. Also provided are a defense fund, scholarship funds, and the Union Privilege Program, which has several programs, including a low interest credit card, mortgage services, free legal advice and more.

How much are the OPEIU dues?

The monthly dues structure for all OPEIU aviation locals is decided by majority vote of the members. All pilots who become members of OPEIU aviation locals will by virtue of that membership become a member of the PHPA (OPEIU National Council for Helicopter Pilots)

What are initiation fees?

An initiation fee is a charge to new members of a local union. In OPEIU, the local union initiation fee is decided by the local union and is usually kept low. The OPEIU International waives the initiation fee for members that are employed at a newly organizing workplace when a first contract is ratified by the membership.

Does the OPEIU collect dues for profit?

No, unions are non-profit organizations under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. The dues they collect from the members are for the specific purpose of benefiting the goals of the membership.

Do any of the local dues go towards political causes?

No, none of the local's dues are used for political causes unless the membership decides so. The OPEIU International does have a program for contributing to political causes, but contributions are strictly voluntary.