OPEIU And You.The Facts!

OPEIU And You.The Facts!

OPEIU And You.The Facts!

Does joining the OPEIU limit my ability to perform my duties?

No, joining the OPEIU enhances the ability of pilots to be productive by eliminating dissension between pilots and management. With OPEIU pilots are provided a vehicle to address their concerns about work issues. Without unionizing, pilots are limited in effectiveness to what the carrier believes the pilots need to perform the job effectively and safely.

Does the OPEIU limit my ability to communicate with management?

No, OPEIU encourages communication between individual pilots and their managers. In fact, unionization provides the ability for pilots to speak to managers about a problem without fear of repercussion, since union members enjoy legal protections under their contracts and National labor laws.

Does unionizing limit the ability of pilots as a group to communicate with management?

No, it increases that ability. Pilots and management can only work together if pilots have the right and ability to address concerns as equals. Without that right and ability the carrier has no obligation to address pilot concerns and needs.

Does the OPEIU provide a vehicle for communication between pilots?

Yes, OPEIU exist for the sole purpose of worker advocacy. If pilots join OPEIU and band together, they begin to discuss among themselves their needs in the workplace. Unionization allows pilots to meet with management as a group to address changes.

What if I don't agree with the majority of my fellow pilots?

Each pilot in OPEIU has the right and obligation to express his or her point of view on a subject. OPEIU members are encouraged to speak out to address their concerns. The purpose being that many ideas contribute to a more intelligent solution of a problem. OPEIU is a fully democratic institution. Just as in any democracy, there will be persons who don't agree with the majority on certain issues. Unionization promotes the idea of a voice and dignity for all. Unlike unorganized workplaces, unionization allows room for many differing viewpoints and ideas, and all viewpoints and ideas are heard. Members then act upon the debate, making up their own minds in a vote.